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from the German promotion set


  Time Out, 18 December 1996, FP location report

Ruth Gemmell and Colin Firth at the FP premiere March 97 

A classroom scene - a publicity still and a snappy from the DVD. Have a look at the authors' names, Hemingway and Faulkner and compare... . I would so much like to know the little story behind this. Was the spelling intentional - to show that Paul is not exactly a perfect teacher? I wonder if there a scene missing. 
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Fever Pitch - The Screenplay; written by Nick Hornby, with an introduction by himself. Very interesting - obviously he enjoyed being around at the set, and gives a lot of behind-the-scene information.
Indigo Fiction ISBN 0-575-40084-6, (5.99 GBP). At present it seems out of stock at the usual venues; but offered f.e. at at ridiculous prices.

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